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The Artists

Tereza Hezim

When I discovered in my teens that the photo was like unravelling all the beauty that exists where our eyes can reach, I started photographing my close friends on the side of musical studies. I then moved on to weddings, birthdays and family gatherings. Between these events, I shot where nature was present. Flowers have always enchanted me, those tiny details that only our eyes can perceive. These photographs do not come from any particular desire to see the world through a lens, but from my deep passion for the amazing, beautiful and powerful forces of the earth in which we live

Kim Sherwood

In 1984, Sherwood worked at a nature center in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. On a particularly beautiful day, the budding photographer was moved to learn that a group of a dozen children he crossed paths with...were all blind. Since then, he has had a great appreciation for the gift of sight and the privilege to see birds and animals in their habitat.

Allison Carlson

Allison has always been involved in some sort of business or group that's main goal is to help others. She and her husband are serial entrepreneurs having owned and operated 12 different small businesses over the last 26 years. She's lived most of her life on the east coast and just last year she decided to sell the family home  and travel the US and parts of Canada with her son and husband...

Kathleen Fenton

Kathleen Fenton is an artist and illustrator based in upstate NY. She specializes in creating whimsical scenes and portraits and enjoys lovingly rendering ornamental compositions with intricate detail. Often drawing upon the natural world for inspiration, flora and fauna are frequently featured in her works.


Katie Dolphin Lawrence

Katie Dolphin Lawrence is a young artist from Fredonia, New York, who enjoys drawing, writing, and acting.  Currently, Katie is enrolled part-time a Jamestown Community College taking courses in American Sign Language and Math, giving Katie the opportunity to explore life.