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Hello! Welcome to BarbaraGrace LLC. I would love to share how this all started. Yes–this idea of unique journals and notebooks that stemmed from several years ago.  For the longest time I’ve always disfavored my handwriting–a handwriting style that had no personality, purpose or direction.  When I tried to mimic other people’s hand writing–it felt faked.

One day, a book review crossed my path (a sign that the Universe does listen) called Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life by Vimala Rodgers. My inner desired jumped and sung buy it! I did. Read it in two days.  The book awed me!  I quickly began to change my old school (Palmer style) handwriting to (Rodgers style) using unlined pages while my inner self began to play.

Yes, my life changed.  Eventually, I attended two different courses on the Psychology of Writing, taught by instructors who were trained under Vilama Rodgers.  There I learned the value of writing on quality textured paper that complemented my desired to build a deeper relationship with my pen and soul.  My writing began to feel elegant, like an ice skater smoothly gliding on a silver glistening iced pond.

Soon I embarked on a search for journals and notebooks with the desired paper. Ump! No luck! Then VIOLIA! The Universe sent me a message to have my own made.  I shared this great message with my sister Barbara. Barbara took the message under her wing and poof – she developed quality journals and notebooks using old and retired books, giving the books a second chance.  I invite you to visit Barbara Grace’s distinctive selection of journals and notebooks and  find the one waiting for you.   


Gracefully yours,