Kim Sherwood-Photographer

In 1984, Sherwood worked at a nature center in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. On a particularly beautiful day, the budding photographer was moved to learn that a group of a dozen children he crossed paths with...were all blind. Since then, he has had a great appreciation for the gift of sight and the privilege to see birds and animals in their habitat.


His learning early in life alongside a professional photographer gave way to an education and career in forestry and watershed management. He has worked for federal agencies, private industry and most recently as a consultant addressing flooding and erosion concerns. His interest in photography faded for almost 20 years before he bought his first digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera in 2012. With a foot planted in traditional photographic theory, he started trying his hand using the numerous advanced features of the DSLR. Thus, his interest in photographing the natural world was renewed.

Kim believes there are amazing photographic opportunities if we slow down, make time and be quiet enough to observe birds and wildlife using their habitat. Whether he gets the shot or not, a rare sighting of an uncommon species or the more routine antics of an oft-seen one are always a treat. It is with great pleasure that he is sharing his photographs with you on our affirmation cards. Please, enjoy!

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