Steno Pad Journal

    This retired book has been reconstructed into a steno pad. Be the only person in the world to own this steno pad, as each of our products are entirely unique.

   What, no lines? What will happen to my letters if they have nothing to stand on? Don’t panic! Without lines there are no boundaries, allowing your imagination to run free. Your steno journal may be used for just about anything: office, journaling, drawing, travel journal, and everything in between. Enjoy!

     We do our best to clean and restore each book before creating our journal. As a reminder, these forgotten books have been traveling far and near for many decades; expect to see, occasionally, a marking or blemish.



Dad Hall "Bishop of Wall Street" Steno Pad Journal

    • 45 pages of smooth, unlined, white paper
    • 70 lbs. Solar White 97 Brightness
    • Including some original pages
    • Binding: sturdy black spiral
    • Year Printed: 1954
    • Size: 5 1/4. ″ W x 9″ H
    • Handling & Shipping: Free