Your You-In-Flight® life journal is waiting for you. As the pilot of your life, you are in charge of your choices, directions, goals, desired outcomes, and triumphs. By using the You-In-Flight® map, you can embrace the opportunity to stay focused and be true to your life journey. Since there are no rules in journaling, feel free to remove your map. You can hang it somewhere you will see frequently, place it on a desk, or just leave it in your journal. Have a wonderful and fruitful journey.

Horizon Y-I-F ® Journal

  • You-In-Flight® journals are retired books that has have been reconstructed into book journals. Be the only person in the world to own this journal, as each of our products are entirely unique.


    · Two perforate 13” x 10.5” sheets - Ships.

    • Exclusive design: Ships.
    • 80 pages of smooth, premium unlined, white paper
    • 70 lbs. Solar White 97 Brightness
    • Including some original pages
    • Binding: sturdy spiral
    • Size: 9.5″ W x 12″ H
    • Handling & Shipping: Free



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