What an amazing find! My Father’s House: An Alphabet of the Church was written by M.H. Ruane and drawn by Janet Robson. This vintage book was copy write in 1938 and published by the Saint Anthony Guild Press in New Jersey. This edition is the fifth printing, 1959.

The book is in excellent condition. The cover and back is made from a heavy stock cardboard, and the pages are heavy weight paper. This book held up beautifully for 70 years. The colors and fonts are still vivid. There is very little worn areas on the top and bottom edge of the book. The pages are clean.
A child’s Christian Book, and the art and verses are inspiring and uplifting. An essential addition to any child’s library. Thank you.

My Father's House

  • Genre: Children Classic
    Condition: Excellent
    Dust Jacket: None
    Binding: Intact
    Author: M.H. Ruane
    Illustrator: Janet Robson
    Date Printed: 1959
    Publisher: Saint Anthony Guild Press
    Weight 8 oz
    Length: 11.25″
    Width: 7″
    Thickness: .25″

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