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Words Do Have Magic

Often, I am awed over the influential power words have on our lives. One word placed next to another and then another, and another, before we know it, our life has changed. Like rows of houses forming a neighborhood, and neighborhoods forming cities, and cities forming countries; taking mental images and transporting them through words that preserve, create, and transform how we will live. Words. Such power!

Our history is filled with simple words collaborating with other words, traveling from one century to another. For instance, the Bible, the number one best seller in the world, with translations into every language and the most widely interpreted reading. Many turn to the Bible when needing self-healing and calmness in life. Many find faith within its pages. And, governments used the Bible to maintain order in society — “In God We Trust.” Such power for a precious book of words written 3500 years ago.

However, I used to wonder what came before the Bible. One form of writing actually began during the Predynastic Period, in Egypt (c. 6000-c. 3150BCE). These were called hieroglyphs, and they used pictures to represent simple concepts. Many thousand years before the Bible, hieroglyphs were written on walls, mummies, caves, buildings, stones writing plates, and pottery.

I found a unique discovery during my search and understanding the Egyptian writing: The Egyptians believed that if something were committed to writing it could be repeatedly "made to happen" by means of magic. Such a powerful concept — writing positive words will transform positive results. So, words do have magic!

My curiosity of magic words will continue at the Buffalo Science Museum in Buffalo New York. There, I will visit traveling exhibit: GOLDEN MUMMIES OF EGYPT from the Manchester Museum, in England. This world-class collection, will exhibit: eight mummies, masks, coffins, jewelry, sculptures, and Egyptians writings (hieroglyphs) from the Ancient World. I invite you to visit the Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibit for yourself.

For our own reflection, let’s practice using more positive words in our journal and watch the magic of words come to life.

Warmly, Grace M. Sam

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