Tereza Hezim-Photographer

When I discovered in my teens that the photo was like unravelling all the beauty that exists where our eyes can reach, I started photographing my close friends on the side of musical studies. I then moved on to weddings, birthdays and family gatherings. Between these events, I shot where nature was present. Flowers have always enchanted me, those tiny details that only our eyes can perceive. These photographs do not come from any particular desire to see the world through a lens, but from my deep passion for the amazing, beautiful and powerful forces of the earth in which we live.

A camera alone will never capture nature as we can observe it with all our senses. It's very personal. I believe that a great photograph can not only document the scene at hand, but also the merger of the artist’s essential vision of their subject.

It's an exciting time, one that allows my creativity and my ability to deeply express my experiences in nature. Photography is an art which evokes an emotional response. It is an exciting process and, above all, a way for me to do what I love most.

Thank you for looking at my photographs. I hope you enjoy these shots which gave me such pleasure to capture.

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