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Product Review

This review was originally posted on October 19, 2016 on If you are a fan of mystery/suspense/thriller fiction, we highly recommend you check out this site. Chelsea posts new and interesting reviews on an almost daily basis. A big thanks again to her for doing this review. Enjoy!

I received a review request from a company called Barbara Grace, LLC a few weeks ago to review some book related products and was thrilled to say yes, as this was a new experience for me. After sending me a link to their site, I was asked to pick out the items that interested me the most and then they would ship them to me for review. I had so much fun unpacking and exploring these treasures; I think you’ll enjoy browsing these items as well! I picked out 3 separate items that they sell on the site; keep in mind that everything is one of a kind, so there are no duplications of what they sell-in other words, once it’s gone IT’S GONE. I’ll break down each item and include pricing, usability, and product details.
The recycled book journal is what I’d imagine being the #1 seller at Barbara Grace; this is their largest inventory and holds a wide variety of cover choices. I chose the Stephen King Lisey’s Story cover, which includes the original front/back covers (minus dust jacket) and the first couple of cover pages inside. There are 100 blank pages inside each journal; keep in mind all the journals I saw were unlined to keep it’s options open not just for writing, but drawing and brainstorming as well. The journal is spiral bound with black, sturdy wire to keep everything in place and it’s size is 9.5″ X 5.75″. This is such an awesome journal, mainly because no one else will have one like it… Unless they hunt down a 2006 edition of Lisey’s Story and make it themselves. My journal was listed at $20, but based on which you choose it might be a few dollars +/-.

Guys, I’m in LOVE with this file folder! Don’t worry, there is an entire assortment of neutral colors as well, I just like to go big and bright. The folder is made from 100% recycled leather and fits letter size documents (8.7″ X 12.8″ if you want to get precise). You can tell the material is quality and durable, and instead of a snap closure it has a tiny hole the ball fits through for a more secure fit. It’s a thicker, more durable cut of leather than the cheap ones I’ve seen other places. The leather is soft and smells sweet and buttery; I can’t wait to put all my loose papers in it. My husband will be so grateful! The folder also came out to $20, which I felt was a reasonable price for the quality of the product.

This is a product I’ve not seen anywhere else and really caught my attention. In your set of Affirmation Cards, you receive 15 cards total; 10 contain a photograph on one side and are blank on the other, while 5 are altogether blank. There is an instruction card included describing how to use them. The gist of it is that you are given the space to write your own affirmations; each individual knows themself best and can put in words the encouragement they need to reach their goals and dreams. The cardstock is thick and durable, and the pictures on my set were taken by the owner’s cousin, but they had other options as well. These were priced at $15 for the pack and measure out to 4.25″ X 5.5″ (about the size of a typical thank you card).

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