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Throughout your life journey, you will have many relationships. Some will stay, some

just pass by, and others show up, leave, and show up again.

Fortunately, there is one relationship that will always stay with you. It offers you

guidance and, allows you to openly share your thoughts, desires, and dreams

without judgment. It literally will show up anytime, anywhere. Unconditionally! That

relationship is your inner-voice (the good voice). The voice only you can hear. And,

this voice will only converse with you.

When you feel the absence of your inner-voice, take to pen and paper and write:

doodle, draw, just keep your pen moving, and soon you both will reconnect.

Breathe, stay at ease, and listen deeply, for doing so will help you find the direct line

to your inner-voice.

So, dear friend, if you have ignored this relationship, I invite you to reconnect.

Visit for your journal. Enjoy!

Warmly, Grace


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