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You-In-Flight: First Series

Life Without Fences

Welcome to the first You-In-Flight series. I invite you to ruminate on this and future You-In-Flight readings. Let the words awaken and pamper your soul.

Many of my clients ask why I don’t have lined paper in my journals. Very good question. Through my courses in the Psychology of Writing, I learned that when we write on paper with lines we create boundaries. It’s like an invisible fence. The lines keep our words in an orderly fashion. Ok, so we need a little stability in life, but we get that from our daily task of waking up, dressing, going to work, and doing the same job over and over. Now let’s imagine the lines are gone. Did you really need your lines?

Here I invite you to make an attempt to write without lines. Feel yourself tense up, feel your doubt awaken, and feel the strangeness of letting go. Weird, isn’t it? What you are doing is crossing over the invisible fence that keeps you in the shadow. Yes, you get it.

I went through the same ordeal. With much practice, I found I began to trust myself more, allowing my soul to guide me. I love being on the other side of the fence. I love this feeling so much that when I write a check out or sign my name on lined documents, I always keep my pen above the line, refusing to allow my letters to touch. It’s me saying, I don’t need a fence to sign my name. I got my soul on my side. Now, it’s your turn to cross over the fence.


The above photo was taken by my brother Charles in 1966. No Fences. We were in the Colorado Mountains. Left is my brother, Robert, my sister, Barbara and Me.


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