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Why, you need a Gratitude Journal

I have been reflecting the last two weeks on what to write about. I am introverted, keeping to myself. My sister- Grace-is extroverted. Stories and words just flow from her. I sometimes forget to listen to the stories as I am watching her tell them. I am so thankful that she tells me her stories. Wait, this is my reflection---Gratitude Journal.

Why keep a Gratitude Journal? Research has proven that

  • You will have less stress

  • You will become healthier

  • You will gain clarity about yourself and your world

  • You will feel internal calmness

I keep a Gratitude Journal. Each night, there are five people and/or life activities that I am thankful to have in my life. This may be a few words, or many paragraphs. This act of writing allows me to reflect and appreciate each day. If a night is missed, that is okay, I just continue the next night.

For your Gratitude Journal, visit . These book journals are perfect Gratitude Journals. Our book journals are created from vintage books. Each journal has 80 to 100 pages of unlined recycled paper, with pages of the original book included throughout the journal. Wire bound, the journals are able to lay flat or fold over. Barbara Grace’s Book Journals are beautiful, one of a kind and uniquely for you.

As in Grace’s reflection, writing on unlined paper creates an open space, your boundary is the entire world. Gratitude journals are essential to our mindfulness. We become more positive, calm, respectful and honest with others. We begin to develop faith in ourselves and humanity. In this world negativity is too common, writing our gratitude’s will create positivity…. we will have no room for negativity.

Below are my favorite Gratitude Journals’ for you. Please share your thoughts, stories, and suggestions about keeping a Gratitude Journal. Until then…thank you and enjoy!

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