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Indian Summer Day!

Forest Hill Cemetery

Oh Wow…another breathtaking Indian Summer Day! I had no work, no appointments and no obligations. Early morning, I took a walk to visit Mom, Aunt Alice & Aunt Adele at Forest Hill Cemetery in Fredonia. The Gates, The Chapel, stones & monuments, the family of 5 deer, the squirrels and chipmunks are all part of the cemetery. Thus, I am experiencing a very peaceful and mindful walk

Mom, Aunt Alice and Aunt Adele are on the cemetery’s Newton Street side. Having arrived, I spoke to Mom. I always thank her for being MY Mom and being with Dad, Grace (my sister) & I all those years(93 years). I shared my thoughts and concerns and then turned to visit my Aunts. Mom’s sisters are 10 feet away on the opposite side: Aunt Alice and Aunt Adele.

Aunt Adele, Aunt Alice, Mom  in Front Grandma( 1965)

Walking toward my Aunts, there was strong breeze on my back. I turned and there was the most graceful Sun's rays shining on Mom. I took a deep breath, looked and listened. She said, “Life is beautiful! You must believe not from your heart nor from your mind, but from your soul.” I thought I heard Mom or was it the rustling of the leaves on the trees? Oh Mom…how you are missed. Yes, Mom, I know what you are telling me. With a deep calmness, I turned, visited with Aunt Alice and Aunt Adele, and then finished my walk.

I believe that we need to live each day from our soul. We need to embrace today. When we wake up in the morning, that is another gift to us from the Universe. I am afraid, but excited of what tomorrow may bring. I will live toward what my soul is telling me.

Enjoy Your Day! Barbara

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