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Doors of Life


I belong to a book club, Ancora Imparo-Latin for “I am still learning”. We had our gathering this past week,

and Laurie Weatherlow selected The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alex E. Harrow. This is a beautiful, soulful and exciting page-turning book. The doors open into interesting and unexpected places and time periods. The ending allows for another book, and I will be waiting anxiously.

In the book, January (the heroine), with her pen and paper, is able to draw her doors. She walks through these doors. No more…you need to read the book.

The other day, I began to reflect and to search for my doors. Since I am not able to draw, I looked online. These doors are very important to me: my Soulful Door, Grace’s Door, my Family Door, Barbara Grace LLC’s Door, and Friends’ Door. These are just a few of my doors.

After finding my doors, I grab my Barbara Grace’s journal and began to paste the doors onto the pages. I wrote about the doors, the actions necessary for me to keep these doors open or to open the doors.

There is one door that I am having trouble walking through and this is the Barbara Grace LLC’s Door- Bookkeeping Service. It is open, but I have not walked through. But Soon….

Readers, please browse through our online store to select the perfect journal. Grab your tea, coffee or wine, and begin to draw your doors that create You! Please share with us on our Facebook page and/or home page.

Thank you and have fabulous January.

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