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Bibliophagist? Yes, I am!

“A book is my Narnia of words waiting to be lived!” B.A. Sam

My name is Barbara A. Sam and I am a Bibliophagist! No apologies here, instead I carry this label like a badge of knowledge. I have met so many people, been to so many places, visit so many time periods, and lived through so many events. Wow…I am getting out of breath thinking about this.

During my formative years, my favorite place was Aboud’s Book Store at the DF Plaza in Dunkirk. This book store opened in the 1960’s, and was owned by my cousin, Father Abuid Sam. My Mom would drop me off, and away I go into another world – my Narnia. (Interesting to note, it was Father Sam and Hannah who gifted to me CS Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobes.)

Fast track to 2020. When reading, I am using my e-reader and BOOKS. We will always need books, the smell and feel paper. What a feeling. The ladies of my book club –we read an average of 3 – 6 books a month. That is about 36 to 80 books a year. Wow!

Ah, I need to stop rambling.

We need record our read books in a book journal. Barbara Grace LLC creates journals from original books. When finished reading a book, record the title and author, write out your thoughts on the book, and rate the book. This is very good method to retain the book information as oppose to clicking “Read”. Imagine, book lovers using their book journals to record the books they have read. Visit our site for your book journal to record your books read. Thank you and enjoy!

A bibliophagist is a person who devours books.

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