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Barbara's Gift Idea

Hello Friends! I got to share this gift idea.

A Silver-Plated Serving Spoon with Cookbook Book Journal.

On Etsy, we have curated vintage silver-plated serving wares from the 1900’s to the 1950’s. My favorite is the antique 1906 American Silver Company Berry/Casserole Spoon with Grapes/Vines Motif. This piece is very interesting as the bowl of the spoon is a repoussé design. What is repoussé?

Repoussé is French meaning “pushed back”. The design is raised from the reversed or the interior side. This technique was prevalent during the Neoclassicism, Art Nouveau and/or Art Deco periods. This berry/casserole spoon’s repoussé design is exquisite and simplistic.

With this silver-plated spoon, a Cookbook Book Journal will be perfect! Add a note that this is the time to record those family heirloom recipes and include one of yours. There are 80 quality blank pages with inserts from the original book. As shown, Sunday Suppers Book Journal complements the casserole spoon.

I am sure you have the perfect person who will cherish this gift from you. A lovely gift for anyone far away or even yourself.

Be Safe, Be Kind and Enjoy! Thank you.

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