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The Faithful Message Journal

Hello friends: The Faithful Message Journal

Do you wish there were an easier way to maintain a long-distance friendship?

Creating a message journal will help. For example,

Since (December 2019-June 2021) long-distance friends Teri from Tennessee, Allison from California, and I from New York have faithfully maintained our friendship through handwritten letters in a single journal.

Our writing included family and work life, spiritual growth, quiet hiking excursions. We also shared through our writing national concerns: The covid-19 pandemic, opinions of the 2020 presidential election, and the devasting 2020 California wildfire.

Eventually, we filled all the pages in our journal, with Allison volunteering to safeguard our message journal.

The End? Not for us! Like a spool of thread that holds a garment together, our second message journal will continue to hold our friendship together. You too are free to create your own message journal with friends, distant siblings, cousins, grandparents, even college students. You can have two, three, or more contributing to the message journal, and I invite you to visit when selecting your message journal. Warmly, Grace


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