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Writing Eclipse!

In 1966, the television series Star Trek came on the air. This series was about a talented group of a multicultural individuals traveling on the USS Enterprise. The crew “boldly traveled into unknown space territories”. Their adventures revealed many high-tech scientific equipment that was inconceivable during the 1960s. Of course, Star Trek was just a science fiction series. Who would believe that crew members could be beamed off the ship to another planet or could talk to each other through a wristwatch? What about having a physical health check by a robotic eye? And, a complete meal would just show up through an automatic stainless-steel sliding door! These space technologies, space adventures, and space-time warps were regarded as sci-fi groovy.

Yet, many ideas that were developed during Star Trek seem less fiction and more fact. We are in the midst of this wondrous era called the Space Age (1957- present). The United States created a new force called the U.S. Space Force. A NASA and SpaceX collaboration has currently begun construction on planet Mars.

Our space journals are a perfect choice for space lovers, space enthusiasts, futurists, visionaries, historians, space writers, young space cadets, or science fiction readers. Be the only one to have a retired space-themed turned journal for your creative space.


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