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Mrs. Claus and her most valuable habit.

Even Santa keeps handwritten notes. Specially to track who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. He checks it twice then passes it to Mrs. Claus who is CEO of Elf’s Toy Company.

Mrs. Claus and I occasionally have coffee at a local café. “How do you keep up? Especially during your peak season?” I asked. She smiled. “An old habit, a very old habit helps me stay on course.” She told me her secret. On each of her ankle-length red velvet skirts she had a seamstress add a pocket for her to carry a pen and pocket notebook.

How creative I thought. “What kind of notes do you keep, Mrs. Claus?” “Well Grace, all kinds of notes: like a reminder to make a veterinarian appointment for the reindeers, what raw material needs to be ordered, the price of coal that will be given to the naughty children, menu for the elves’ After Christmas party, and even phrases from my reading.”

She continued. “My inner-voice chats best with me during my mid-morning meditation walk to our private forest where the reindeers and a few youngling elves like to play. It delivers ideas, words of wisdom, and even solutions to issues in need of immediate attention. This old habit of keeping handwritten notes has served me well. Most importantly, it is how I acknowledge and give appreciation to my inner-voice.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Claus, for sharing this.” I said. We both retrieved our pocket books, made plans for our next visit, finished our coffee, hugged, and said our good-by. Four reindeers arrived, hitched to a small swan back sleigh. Just as Dasher and three in-training reindeers were to extend up into the sky, Mrs. Claus spoke. “Grace, please send me seven pocket books.”

You are invited to visit Barbara and Grace website for your personal pocket book.

Merry Christmas and do plan for a prosper New Year. Barbara & Grace



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